Spärkel was created to offer a way to make drinks that didn't limit people to pre-packaged flavors or rely on a bulky tank. So we invented and patented a new way of sparkling. A way that adds bubbles AND the taste of real ingredients to drinks without the use of a CO2 tank.

  • good drinks use good ingredients

    every ingredient has its story. Drinks should be made with the ingredients you want. Your relationship with your favorite ingredients is special, Spärkel made it so no one stands in your way.

  • good drinks are responsible

    help a healthy planet Big drinks - small footprint. We want to eliminate the plastic waste associated with sparkling beverages.

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  • good drinks are convenient

    drinks should be made at home, with no compromise. To drink more water, less soda, or simply tastier drinks can only happen if you easy access to them. That's why Spärkel is shipped to you.

  • always innovate

    our first mission was to offer a better way to make sparkling drinks. Our next mission is to make every sparkling drink.