Made for sparkling lovers

Made for sparkling lovers

Easily sparkle and infuse the delicious tastes of real ingredients - into any drink - with no CO2 tank.

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Made for sparkling water fans. Whatever drink you're in the mood for, make it sparkle.

Spärkel Canada

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Spärkel Your Way

Spärkel is the only way to make your drink with real flavors and the bubbles you crave.

Sparkle your favorite drinks & ...

infuse delicious, fresh, and healthy ingredients...

with the perfect amount of bubbles!

Spärkel Canada


Spärkel Canada

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Spärkel Canada

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Spärkel Canada

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Spärkel Canada

As fast as 90 Seconds

Spärkel Canada

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What People are Saying About Spärkel

Spärkel Canada

Christine Tizzard

Cook Book Author, TV Personality, Food Stylist

I’ve been waiting for a home carbonation system exactly like this. One where I have absolute control over my ingredients, flavours, and fizz. Spärkel has opened up the playing field by allowing us to get creative and make sparkling beverages at home that we have never tried before!

Spärkel Canada

Claire Tansey

Recipe Developer, Culinary Teacher & Writer

Spärkel is handy, easy to use and just plain cool. I appreciate the different carbonation levels and really like adding whatever fruits and flavours I want to the water. Spärkel lets my whole family enjoy fizzy drinks without added sugar, and we adults love making our cocktails Spärkel too!

Spärkel Canada

Paul Lillakas

Private Chef, Recipe Developer, Writer, Media Personality

It’s as if the champagne selections just expanded by 1000% and my brunch dreams have come true! Being able to sparkle all of my favourite white wines is thrilling with so many new options to pair with all kinds of different dishes!

Spärkel Canada

Vijaya Selvaraju

Food & Travel Youtuber, Expert on @TheMarilynShow, Tastemaker @Tastemade

As a lover of sparkling beverages, I am thrilled by the innovation of Spärkel. Within a few seconds I can create an amazing sparkling drink at home that I can infuse with fresh fruit, herbs, and teas to my preferred level of bubbliness. The possibilities for flavour combinations are endless!

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