• no CO2 tank

  • free shipping

  • 1000+ 5 star reviews

  • free 30-day returns

  • easy to use

    Just pour the Carbonator into the chamber, choose your bubbly level and let Spärkel do the work for you. None of the Carbonator ends up in your drink, only the CO2 it creates!

  • consistent

    Unlike CO2 tanks, get consistent bubbles every time. Each Spärkel Carbonator (A+B) generates the perfect amount of CO2 to carbonate one Spärkel bottle.

  • convenient

    Forget the hassle of CO2 tanks and heavy cases of water, Spärkel Carbonators come to you! Refills are just one click away whenever you’re ready.

  • less single-use plastic waste

  • save 1000s of bottles

  • less shipping with nothing to return

  • the little plastic used is offset