What happens when you pick a level?

In a sealed chamber, water mixes with the Spärkel Carbonator, producing CO2.

Our special formulation of high quality citric acid and sodium bicarbonate generates CO2 gas naturally when mixed with water.None of the carbonator ends up in your beverage - only the CO2 it creates.

Spärkel pressurizes the bottle.

The CO2 cycles through the machine and into the bottle to build up pressure up to 80 PSI. Sparkle bottles are specially engineered to withstand great amount of pressure

Pressure squeezes the ingredients' flavor into the drink.

At the same time the drink is absorbing the CO2, which will create the bubbles once you open the bottle. Cold liquids will hold carbonation better than warm water.

Enjoy your CO2 enhanced beverage!

Not only does CO2 give a nice mouth-feel, but it also lifts aromatic molecules up toward the nose, which is where most of our fine tasting occurs! It also forms carbonic acid when mixed with water, which gives your drink that slight acidic bite that hurts so good! Use filtered water when possible. For the reasons mentioned above, carbonation can sometimes bring out the taste of minerals or chemicals in water.

Easy peasy, repeat!

Once the cycle is done, the remainder of the carbonator empties into the residue drawer for easy sink disposal. Add a new carbonator and your Spärkel is ready to infuse a new combination of ingredients right away!
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