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The #1 sparkling beverage maker for fizzy drink lovers

Instead of relying on gas cylinders to create bubbles, our carbonated water machines use environmentally friendly, easy to use carbonators: when mixed with water in our system , they release the precise CO2 needed to carbonate one full bottle. Forget about cumbersome cylinders you need to bring back to the store every few weeks, choose an easy (and economical) solution!

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No more inconvenient CO2 canisters or wasteful plastic water bottles

Let’s face it, CO2 canisters are not the most practical solution to make sparkling water at home. The same goes for bottled sparkling water: they need to be shipped across the globe, you need to go get them at the store, and carry them back and you create waste afterwards!

Spärkel carbonators offer the best solution to enjoying sparkling water at home! Our minimally packaged carbonators come in a compact format and are shipped to you: you won’t need to carry cases or canisters from the store!

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Bubbly water, just the way you like it, without a CO2 tank

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  • Carbonate any drink you like

    Homemade sparkling water is but one of the many things you can do with Spärkel’s carbonator! Our water carbonator can sparkle any liquid you want for delicious results: from cocktails to juices, the only limit is your imagination. Create any bubbly drink you want, such as:

    Carbonated white wine;

    Carbonated cocktails;

    Carbonated juices;

    Fruit-infused sparkling water;

    Discover the many drink recipes you can make using simple ingredients and a Spärkel sparkling water machine. Add a little fizz to a bottle of white wine for a homemade spritzer , or make a delicious fruit punch with juice and pieces of fruit!

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  •  Want to add fruits to your sparkling water? Go right ahead!

    Don’t get us wrong, sparkling water is great and refreshing! But sometimes, you might be in the mood for something different: why not add pieces of fruit and infuse your sparkling water directly in the bottle?

    The Spärkel beverage system allows you to add delicious ingredients to your water: pieces of lemon, grapefruit or pomegranate, the choice is yours! And while you’re at it, take a look at the amazing drink recipes you can make with our sparkling water maker.

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  • Different carbonation levels for different tastes!

    Relying on a CO2 canister to carbonate your water is bound to offer inconsistent results. You can now leave these issues behind with Spärkel: our sparkling water maker comes with 5 preset carbonation options!

    You are offered 5 levels of carbonation when preparing your sparkling drink: level one infuses your water with subtle and delicate bubbles, while levels 4 and 5 create an intense, bubbly experience. But don't worry, they are all as refreshing!

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How does our sparkling water maker spärkel your drinks?

Our water carbonators are all about simplicity and efficiency. Instead of relying on cumbersome CO2 canisters and having to refill cylinders all the time, our sparkling water machines use Spärkel carbonators: small sachets that make the perfect amount of fizzy goodness.

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Learn how to make sparkling water in 4 easy steps, from the comfort of your home with our amazing products!

L1: 60 secs - A quick & light fizz

L2: 90 secs mins - Moderate bubbles. The usual level for most sparkling waters

L3: 2 mins - Bold carbonation with sharp bubbles

L4: 2.5 mins - Stronger & even bubblier infusions

L5: 4 mins - The extra fizz needed for denser juices & cocktails

The same level of sparkle, every time you use our water carbonator!

Get your Spärkel carbonators directly at home!

Ditch the wasteful bottles and annoying CO2 tanks: Spärkel’s sparkling water maker relies on small Carbonators that are delivered directly to you! No cases to carry and no CO2 tanks to exchange, just hassle-free and refreshing bubbles at the click of a button.

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Is buying a sparkling water machine worth the initial investment?

Are you better off buying a sparkling water maker or with store-bought seltzer or sparkling water? For sparkling water lovers, the initial investment in a Spärkel’s water carbonator is well worth it! Making sparkling water at home is not only cost-effective in the long run, it also gives you the opportunity to create amazing drinks while saving time. All this from an aesthetic countertop machine.

Spärkel’s water carbonator lets you add fresh ingredients, such as fresh fruits, directly to your bottle during the carbonation process, infusing deep flavors to your sparkling water. Even better, you can sparkle a wide range of beverages: wine, juice… The carbonating possibilities are endless! Let's also not forget that eliminating water bottles from grocery stores and replacing them by a reusable water bottle has a huge environmental impact!

Do Spärkel's sparkling water makers need electricity?

While some sparkling water machines do not require electricity, you will need to have your Spärkel water carbonator plugged in. The reason is simply that our sparkling water maker's design does not rely on pressure from a cylinder, they need power to circulate CO2 through your plain water, juice or other drink.

On the plus side, it gives our water carbonator great features, such as different carbonation levels and the possibility to add fruits directly to your carbonated water! You can make hundreds of amazing sparkling drink recipes with Spärkel. Also, don't worry about having your water carbonator in your kitchen: our sleek design is perfect for the modern kitchen!

How does the water carbonation process work?

Spärkel has an innovative method for producing its beverages, and differs significantly from other sparkling water maker manufacturers such as SodaStream. Instead of CO2 cylinders you connect to your sparkling water maker using a quick connect, Spärkel uses a mix of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to make great-tasting sparkling water. Interested in the science behind our water carbonator and learning more about carbonation?

The sachet (Spärkel carbonators) contains a special formulation of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate , which react together when mixed with water to create carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. The gas then circulates in the system to add bubbles to the liquid in the bottle. The carbonation process does not affect the taste of the drink; it merely adds fizz. No carbonating agent goes into the drink, just the CO2 it generates .

When you're ready, fill a Spärkel bottle with the liquid of your choosing: filtered fresh water, juice, tea, wine, etc.. Pull down to secure the bottle. Select your preferred level of carbonation between our five carbonation settings. The sachet mix is then added to the top of the unit and the natural CO2 produced carbonates your drink! Learn more about how our water carbonator works!

What is included in Spärkel’s water carbonator?

Each sparkling beverage system includes 1 Spärkel Bottle (750ml/25.oz capacity) and 10 Carbonators. Each one of our high quality, BPA-free reusable plastic bottles has a capacity of 750 ml/25oz. 

We are proud to use eco-friendly bottle material, and the best part is that our sparkling water maker's bottles are dishwasher-safe!

Does Spärkel’s sparkling water machine come with a warranty?

Yes, your Spärkel sparkling water machine is covered by a warranty! We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty on all beverage systems purchased on

Is sparkling water hydrating?

Many of us asked ourselves the same question: is sparkling water hydrating? Is fizzy water as healthy as regular water? The short answer is yes, even with a fizz, carbonated water can be just as refreshing as regular flat water when made with a good sparkling water maker!

Spärkel’s water carbonator makes healthy and refreshing sparkling water, but this is not always true for bottled sparkling water. Many bottled sparkling water brands have added elements such as sugar that you should try to avoid, but when making homemade fizzy water with Spärkel, you will stay healthy and hydrated. Learn more about hydrating with sparkling water! Learn more about our sparkling water maker and if sparkling water is hydrating!

What is the difference between seltzer and sparkling water?

Sparkling water, fizzy water, carbonated water, seltzer water... These terms are all referring to the same thing: a mix of water and CO2 without any other added elements (sugar, flavouring, quinine, etc.). If the carbonated drink contains added sugar and flavours, they are considered soft drinks or sodas. If the fizzy water has added minerals, it is club soda, and if it has added sweeteners and quinine, it is tonic water.

Long story short, seltzer water and sparkling water are the same healthy and refreshing drink, but are different from club soda, mineral water or other soft drinks. Learn more about the differences between sparkling water and club soda


What's the difference between Spärkel and SodaStream's sparkling water makers?

SodaStream offers a wide range of water carbonators, such as the Sodastream Terra sparkling water maker and the Sodastream Art sparkling water maker. However,  each model has something in common: they rely on the gas pressure of CO2 canisters to carbonate your drink. Manual carbonation makes it  difficult to control precisely the level of carbonation of your drink: it is likely that the carbonation levels will differ between each bottle.

Spärkel’s water carbonators offer something different. Our sparkling water maker's design relies on our Carbonators to infuse your drink with bubbles: no more cumbersome gas cylinders! Avoiding gas cylinders also gives you the option to add ingredients or syrup during the carbonation process, as no equipment is directly in contact with your fizzy drinks. Enjoy any drink (apple juice or fruit juice, white wine, sangria, cocktails) at the perfect fizz level.