make all your favorite sparkling drinks at home

Ditch cans, bottles and CO2 tanks. With Spärkel you can make all your favorite sparkling drinks, protect the planet and save $$$.

2,000+ 5-star reviews



why choose Spärkel?

make any drink 🍹

POV: You deserve better than added syrups.

Carbonate any flavor you want with the real ingredients you love, only with Spärkel.

get consistent bubbles ✨

Choose from 5 bubbly levels to get the perfect amount of carbonation every time.

help the planet 🌎

25x fewer emissions to ship and 97% less plastic waste than bottles.

save yourself money 💰

Spärkel = 25¢ a can

La Croix = 31¢ a can

Soda = 55¢ a can

no more CO2 tanks 🥳

No empty tanks to return.
No guessing how many drinks you’ll get out of a tank.
No heavy metal ending up in landfills.

50,000+ homes create fun, tasty, 🌎-friendly bubbles with Spärkel


"my Sparkel system... is now the most used kitchen appliance now.

I particularly love the mint and cucumber water, and the fact that everyone is hydrating more without unnecessary sugar.

no CO2 tank… so how does it work?

It’s science! 🤓 Years of research led us to our unbeatable bubbly technology:
The Spärkel Carbonator

✨ Pour the Carbonator in the chamber

✨ Select your carbonation level and let the magic (ahem… science) happen.

✨ One Carbonator sparkles one 750ml bottle no matter what level you choose.

Spärkel Carbonators make life better

🌎 97% less plastic waste than bottles

That’s less plastic than a bottle cap. Oh, and they’re recyclable.

✨ 25x fewer emissions during shipping

Because they’re tiny they can be shipped for free and have a smaller impact on the planet.

✨ Super-convenient

No 2-way shipping like with CO2 tanks.

🌎 Plastic neutral

Our partnership with CleanHub ensures that we offset what little plastic we do produce and helps provide jobs in developing nations.

Save $25 with The Ultimate Spärkel Bundle

  • Black

  • White

  • Seafoam

  • Periwinkle

  • Stone Blue



What comes in the bundle?

Choose a color

Free shipping to the Continental U.S and Canada.

Not satisfied? Get a refund and free shipping within 30 days.

We're here to help! We want you Spärkeling not troubleshooting.

Our no 🐂💩 30-day money-back guarantee

✔️ Your Spärkel machine can be returned within 30 days of purchase, opened or unopened.

✔️ We’ll pay the return shipping.

✔️ We’ll give you a free refund.

✔️ Your carbonator packets and bottles can also be returned within 30 days for a full refund as long as they’re unopened.

✔️ After 30 days is up your machine is eligible for our One Year Replacement Warranty

over 2000 5-star reviews



    I am so happy to have finally gotten one of these. I toss in some fruit and water, push a button, listen to cute music and voila I have healthy, tasty beverages!! And the are a ton of recipes floating around to experiment with!! It’s like the instant pot of drink makers!! If you don’t have one, get one!

  • Make drinks that suit your taste!


    I absolutely love this! I use it every day to make my own refreshing drinks instead of buying canned sodas that are too sweet, or not refreshing. I mostly make lemon or lime drinks using fresh fruits. The results are tastier than anything else available. You can experiment with others fruits and flavoring to your liking, and probably healthier without artificial flavoring. - Dr. Richard M. Blaney



    Love it! We've enjoyed sparkling juice, water, pretty much anything! Plus it's dramatically reduced the amount of bottled sparkling water we buy, which is better for the environment and our bank account! I can't say enough good things about the Sparkel!



    My boyfriend and I love our sparkel. It’s easy to use and does everything we need. I also like that I can infuse the water with fruits or veggies overnight before carbonating, since this machine allows flavorings and other additions in the bottle when adding the fizz. We have been using it multiple times a day since late October and haven’t had any issues. - Kombuchahucha

  • Works Seamlessly


    So I used to be a big soda drinker, and moved over to individual seltzer bottles. I used to buy about 20-30 bottles at a time which took up a lot of shelf space that I just didn’t have. I wanted to reduce waste and stop buying so many plastic bottles of seltzer so I invested in this Sparkel product. I have to say this machine is the best. It’s a must have if you drink a lot of seltzer like myself. - Christina C.

  • This is an awesome product and I am so happy I purchased it!


    I bought this because my family loves ginger ale and we stopped buying it because of all the 💩in it. I found a video to make homemade ginger ale which you mix with carbonated water and it was delicious. I love that you don't have to use those CO2 cannisters. I would highly recommend buying this and it would make a great gift. - Ginger Hyams

  • Love the Sparkel machine!


    I was buying a lot of seltzer week after and throwing cans and bottles to recycling but still seemed a waste. I didn’t want a soda stream because of having the canister. After some research and reading reviews I found Sparkel. It’s great. I bought a few extra bottles and make 5 at a time. Some I put fruit in and others are just plain. I put them in the fridge so they are grab and go. Super simple. Tastes great. -

    Chris Welch

  • no c02 tanks


    This put out plenty of fizz for even for juice or flavors when i fizz plain water to me it taste better than the others.And no more hard to find c02 bottles to deal with. - J.D.



    I love this machine!! I keep it in my office so I can have carbonated water at work. It's not loud at all. Compact enough to be out of the way and convenient. Highly recommend!! - Yvonne


Spärkel vs. Sodastream vs. bottles & cans









Over $50



Price comparison: how much does it cost for the equivalent of 12 cans?

Carbonation Level

Lightly Bubbly


Very Bubbly









* Price in $CAD based on data provided by SodaStream USA. Assumes the tank is returned. Tank costs vary based on amount of CO2 used per drink.

Spärkel cost does not vary based on carbonation level.

Spärkel comes in 5 colors for kitchen perfection 🤩

  • Black

  • White

  • Seafoam

  • Periwinkle

  • Stone Blue


The Spärkel System

Designed for sparkling beverage fans, Spärkel allows you to easily sparkle and infuse the delicious tastes of real ingredients into any drink with no CO2 tank.

Comes with everything you need to start sparkeling:
• 1 Spärkel system
• 10 Carbonators
• 1 Bottle

Choose a color

Free shipping to the Continental U.S and Canada.

Not satisfied? Get a refund and free shipping within 30 days.

We're here to help! We want you Spärkeling not troubleshooting.

y'all will love our customer service

  • Love Sparkel! The customer service is amazing.


    For the longest time I used another brand to make my soda water. I was always frustrated by the process of exchanging the canisters and being limited to only sparkling water. This has been a total game changer. I am a huge fan and now loyal customer. - Travis W.