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Spärkel Carbonator 90-Pack

263 total reviews

A pack of 90 Spärkel Carbonators to keep you Spärkeling! (3 boxes of 30 Spärkel Carboantors)

Important: Only Spärkel Carbonators can be used with Spärkel
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free standard shipping within the continental United States and Canada.

certified plastic neutral

Spärkel Carbonators are certified plastic netural in partnership with CleanHub, a nonprofit helping us collect ocean-bound plastic from the environment.

product details

Ingredients: specially granualated sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.

Packaging: Spärkel Carbonator Sachets are made of a single polypropylene plastic, carrying the recycling symbol #5.

directions for use

For use with Spärkel Systems. One Spärkel Carbonator makes one bottle. Simply insert a Carbonator (A+B) in the Spärkel System chamber and follow the instructions provided with your unit.

important info

Only Spärkel Carbonators can be used with Spärkel Systems. Using unapproved carbonator material will result in system deterioration and void the warranty.

  • quality carbonation, every time

  • bubbles come to you

  • better for the planet

  • no tanks to exchange

less waste, more spärkel

better for the planet

Buying bottles of sparkling water at the store is hurting your back and the planet. Spärkel uses 97% less single-use plastic waste per drink than store-bought bottles, for bubbles you can feel good about!

hassle-free bubbles

making bubbles should be simple

Spärkel Carbonators come to you. No cases to carry. No tanks to exchange. Just hassle-free bubbles with the click of a button.

the perfect spritz, every time

quality carbonation

Take the guess work out of your bubbly beverages and ditch the inconsistency of CO2 tank levels. Each Spärkel Carbonator generates the perfect amount of CO2 to carbonate one bottle, so you can have your bubbles the way you want them!


tech specs

can I make my own carbonators?

Only Spärkel Carbonators can be used with the Spärkel System. Using unapproved carbonator material will result in system deterioration and void the One Year Warranty.

Spärkel Carbonators may seem basic, but they are more intricate than they look. Each Spärkel Carbonator contains the specific volume and concentration of each ingredient need to generate enough CO2 for one bottle.

Store-bought ingredients will most likely have a different granularity and seep into the system. See why here.

does the carbonator go in my drink?

None of the Carbonator will end up in your drink, only the CO2 it creates.

how many carbonators do I need to make a drink?

One Carbonator makes one Spärkel Bottle bottle, no matter what level you choose.

  • cut

  • pour

  • recycle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews

Love making fizzy drinks at home. All the taste and none of the sugar.


Works great with our sparkel machine.




No comment it’s just the best!

Tammy W.
Excellent value

The 90 pack of carbonators is a grey value and this company always has excellent customer service! Product arrived quickly


I love my sparkle machine
Best present I've ever gotten for Christmas.

Onno W.
Great deal!

Great deal!