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Spärkel Fruit Infusions

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Pack of 20 sachets


Spärkel Fruit Infusions are natural sparkling water enhancers for a truly unique way to flavor your water!

At Spärkel, we believe every drink should be special. That’s why we created Spärkel Fruit Infusions, a delicious and healthy way to make the tastiest sparkling drinks with your Spärkel Beverage System. Let Spärkel bring out the amazing taste, aroma and color of REAL fruit with premium cold brew tea for new way to flavor your bubbles. 


Strawberry Melon: Hibiscus, Beetroot, Sweet Blackberry leaves, Apple Pomace, Citrus Acid, Strawberry Pieces, Melon granules (melon maltodextrin), Natural Flavours.

Pink Grapefruit: * Contains a small amount of caffeine. Oolong tea, Apple, Sweet Blackberry leaves, Beetroot, Pink grapefruit peel, Safflower petals, Natural flavours.

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How to use

Bubbly with a Spärkel Beverage System: Add 1 sachet to bottle and fill with water to the lower line. Spärkel at desired level.
Flat: Mix with 500ml of water in a glass or container and wait 10 minutes.

Return policy

Fruit infusions can be returned within 30 days for a refund if package is unopened. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

  • 🍓 🍉 🍊

    made with real fruit

  • only 3 calories

  • 😋

    amazing taste

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    plastic neutral packaging

make an infusion like never before

Make truly delicious sparkling drinks without concentrates or sweeteners! Two unique things happen when using the infusions with a Spärkel System:

  1. The pressure in the bottle squeezes the flavor out of the ingredients more effectively
  2. Carbonation elevates the ingredient flavors for a bolder taste

This makes Spärkel Fruit Infusions a truly unique way to flavor your drinks.

enjoy sparkling or flat

Spärkel Fruit Infusions are designed to be made bubbly with a Spärkel System, but they can also be used to make flat beverages too.

Simply mix one sachet with 500ml (17 fl.oz.) of water in a glass or container and wait 10 minutes. Tip: follow the same proportions to make a bigger batch. i.e mix 3 sachets with 1.5L (51fl.oz.) of water.

great taste without the compromise

Quench your thirst with no regrets! Spärkel can help you cut out sugar and chemicals by replacing soda, juices and artificial drink mixes from your diet.

  • all natural ingredients
  • real fruits, herbs & premium tea
  • only 3 calories
  • zero sugar
  • no/low caffeine (strawberry melon is caffeine-free, grapefruit has low caffeine)

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Robert A.
Très satisfait

J’aime bien le goût des infusions de fruits Sparkel, ça commence bien la journée, et pratiquement pas de calories. Je les recommande fortement.


Great fresh taste!


Such a tasty treat 😊

Gino B.
it's great

it's great

Sherri M.
Easy and delicious

Love this option to add flavour easily!

Sarah A.
Very delicious!

The flavours are so good, and the ACTUALLY get fully infused. I was surprised.

Keely S.
Fruit Infusions

I liked the flavour of the infusions!
I would like to see more fruit Infusions flavour!