Top 5 Sparkling Holiday Ingredients

Add a little bit of sparkle to your holiday season! Infusing winter’s tastiest fruits and herbs into your sparkling water, juice, tea, wine or cocktail will take the flavour to the next level. Whether you’re snuggled up watching Christmas movies with loved ones or hosting a holiday soirée, here are the top five must-have holiday ingredients to incorporate into your favourite bubbly beverages.

Top 5 Sparkling Holiday Ingredients

5. Orange

The traditional stocking stuffer! Who doesn’t love the bright and beautiful citrus flavour of an orange? A juicy orange is delicious simply sliced up – but it’s even better in a sparkling infusion, tea or cocktail. 

Why add it to your Spärkel? Oranges deliver big on flavour! Just a slice will add a burst of sweet citrus that pairs great with many of our sparkling holiday favourites.

We recommend: Blood Orange Chai, Holiday Citrus Fizz

4. Rosemary

Looks and smells like a Christmas tree…need we say more? Rosemary represents love and remembrance, and will add a festive aroma to your bubbles.

Why add rosemary to your Spärkel? Earthy and pungent, rosemary packs a punch! All you need is one sprig for a fragrant and fresh addition to any sparkling beverage.

We recommend: Pomegranate Rosemary Gin Sparkler, Sparkling Pear Cocktail

3. Apple

The core of many holiday traditions. From cocktails to kid-friendly infusions and everything in between, the options are endless with apples.

Why add apples to your Spärkel? You can ditch the sweetener with apples! Carbonating them will extract a delightful taste because of their texture. Try sparkling apple cider for an extra festive touch!

We recommend: Sparkling Apple Pie, Apple Cinnamon & Orange Water

2. Ginger

Ginger and spice and everything nice. A wonderful winter spice, ginger adds warmth and depth to any drink! This spice is built for pairing and can be incorporated into so many holiday infusions, teas and cocktails.

Why add it to your Spärkel? The carbonation process enhances flavour, so you’ll really experience the spicy taste of the ginger! Peel and thinly slice before sparkling to get the most flavour.

We recommend: Non-Alcoholic Ginger Spritz, Pear Ginger Sparkler

1. Cranberry

The queen of the holiday season! Cranberry packs a punch in terms of both flavour and colour.

Why add it to your Spärkel? Cranberries, and especially cranberry juice, are so versatile and make a great base for countless holiday cocktails and mocktails. It’s brilliant red colour also adds a festive touch to your sparkling creations!

We recommend: Winter Cranberry Mocktail, Cranberry Clementine Spritzer

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