Blackberry Cantaloupe Daiquiri Twist 🍈✨

Blackberry Cantaloupe Daiquiri Twist 🍈✨

🍈 2 tbsp fresh cantaloupe melon chunks

🍈 2 blackberries (plus extra for garnish, optional)

🍈 juice of 1/2 a lime

🍈 1/2 oz of white rum (optional)


Prepare for the ultimate cozy night vibes with this tropical cocktail! You’ll feel an intense kick of white rum, blend with juicy cantaloupe melon, blackberries, and zesty lime. It’s the kind of drink that teleports you straight to those beach vibes, summery nights and good cocktails!

To Make

✨ In your Spärkel bottle, combine fresh cantaloupe melon chunks, blackberries, lime juice, and white rum.

✨ Fill the bottle with cold water up to the lower fill line, and carbonate on level 3.

✨ In a glass, add ice cubes and extra blackberries for garnish (optional).

✨ Pour in the Blackberry Cantaloupe Daiquiri and enjoy!

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