Cherry almond fizz 🍒😋

Cherry almond fizz 🍒😋

🍒 5 cherries, pitted

🫙 2 tbsp of Orgeat Syrup


This mocktail tastes exactly like a cherry Bakewell cake! It’s sweet and addictive. If you don’t have any Orgeat Syrup, you can swap it for Amaretto to create a lovely cocktail version, as Amaretto contains alcohol. Whether you prefer it as a refreshing mocktail or as a spirited cocktail, this drink feels like having cake in a glass!

To Make

✨ In your Spärkel bottle, combine 5 pitted cherries, and 2 tablespoons of Orgeat Syrup.

✨ Fill the bottle with cold water up to the lower fill line, and carbonate on level 3.

✨ In a glass, add ice cubes and pour in the Cherry Almond Fizz. Enjoy! ✨😋

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