Coconut Hibiscus Mocktail 🌺 🥥

Coconut Hibiscus Mocktail 🌺 🥥

🍓 2 strawberries (plus 1 for garnish)

🍓 1/4 cup of coconut water

🍓 1 tbsp of dried hibiscus

🍓 Carbonation A and B packets

🍓 Cold water

🍓 Ice to serve


Hibiscus flowers create a bright red drink and provide forest berry notes, which pair perfectly with the strawberries and the coconut. We balanced the tartness of the hibiscus flower with a hint of strawberry fruitiness!

To Make

Place the strawberries, coconut water, and dried hibiscus flowers in the Spärkel bottle, filling it with water until you reach the first fill line. Choose your preferred carbonation level. For a mocktail recipe like this, we recommend level 4 or even our “Max Level” for tones of bubbles. In a glass, add ice and pour the strawberry, coconut and hibiscus sparkling water. Enjoy!

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