Homemade Ginger Ale

Homemade Ginger Ale - Make refreshing homemade ginger ale easily with Spärkel

Ingredients you need to make your homemade ginger ale

  • 1-2″ fresh ginger root, peeled & thinly sliced
  • juice of ½ lime
  • 2 lime wedges
  • Ginger simple syrup(optional)

What if we told you that you could make homemade ginger ale in a few minutes?

Ginger ale is a classic for many reasons. Fan of ginger or not, It's refreshing, thirst-quenching, and a perfect summer drink. Add to the list of reasons you should be making your own ginger ale that you can make using ingredients that are both simple and inexpensive. 

Sparkling water, lime juice and fresh ginger

Ginger lovers will be happy to know that making homemade ginger ale is quite simple, and can be much better than the store bought version if you have the right tools!

Make yourself a great homemade Spärkel-ing drink in a few minutes!

Ginger ale is an old school favorite! You will definitely stop buying ginger ale at the grocery store when you try this all-natural version, free of high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives ✨

Tag along to know all the steps to make the perfect ginger ale at home using natural ingredients!

    How to make homemade ginger ale

    Making your own ginger ale is easy with Spärkel beverage system

    Although it is possible to make ginger ale using store bought sparkling water, we definitely recommend using the Spärkel beverage system to get the perfect flavor. Instead of simply adding sparkling water to ingredients, ginger and lime flavors infuse the water during the carbonation process. 

    *If you don’t have a Spärkel just yet, you can simply add sparkling water at step 3 of the sweetened ginger ale recipe and step 2 of the sugar-free ginger ale recipe.


    How to make sweetened ginger ale:

    1. Add 1″ grated ginger, fresh lime juice and a couple of slices of lime to your Spärkel bottle.
    2. Pour in 1-3 tbsp ginger simple syrup (Ginger Syrup recipe here).
    3. Top off with fridge-chilled water to 1″ below fill line
    4. Bring on the bubbly with your Spärkel on level 4
    5. Sip, Sip Hooray! Enjoy your glass of ginger ale
    If you are looking for a healthy drink recipe , here is a sugar-free ginger ale recipe!


    Sugar-free ginger ale in four easy step

    1. Add 1-2″ of sliced real ginger, lime juice and a couple of slices of lime to your bottle.
    2. Top off with fridge-chilled water to fill line or tap water
    3. Choose your carbonation level 
    4. Now that you have a good homemade sugar-free Ginger ale, all you have to do is Enjoy!

    Make hundreds of different refreshing drinks with the Spärkel beverage system!

    Soda machines are fantastic for making fizzy water, but a beverage system lets you prepare drinks that you may not have previously dreamed of making. Aside from sparkling water, you can make iced tea, lemonade and more. Beverage systems are fun to mess around with and can be very useful in the kitchen if you want to create different carbonated drinks at home such as ginger ale or root beer. 

    With Spärkel, you choose the carbonation level, flavor, and flavor enhancer that you want to add to your homemade ginger ale. There is something amazing about tasting a drink that contains your own ingredients! 

    Discover the Spärkel beverage system!

    What are the benefits of using Spärkel for your Ginger Ale? 

    A Spärkel ginger ale a day keeps the doctor away

    Ginger Ale is an old fashioned favorite drink and a popular brand that many people enjoy. Ginger-ale has many benefits such as getting you hydrated , teeth whitening, instant energy and making your lemonade taste even better. In other words, it’s better for your body than store-bought sodas and other drinks on the market. 

    Making your own ginger ale will let you know exactly what is going into your drink. Feel free to add raw honey or lemon juice as opposed to high fructose corn syrup, which is a common additive in many prepackaged sodas. You can make a ginger ale that is sweet, creamy and refreshing at home. 

    You don't need to ruin your bank account to enjoy a ginger ale

    In-store sodas can quickly become expensive. A simple way to maximize the value and enjoyment of your ginger ale purchase, Spärkel lets you mix it up and make yourself a special ginger-ale drink when you need it!

    Reduce & re-use

    A carbonated beverage system is a powerful tool to reduce single-use plastic bottles. Considering that one carbonating bottle can be reused for many years, it can save many disposable bottles, which makes a compelling reason to choose to use a Spärkel for your sodas.

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    How to use your Spärkel to make sublime ginger ale? 

    Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip back to simpler times? Well, we've found a recipe that replicates the flavor of ginger ale and your Spärkel beverage system can do the trick! Simply add some fresh ginger pieces, some limes, and fresh water in your Spärkel bottle, choose your level of carbonation and voila! Quick and simple homemade drinks everyone can enjoy.

    How to choose the right bubbly level? 


    For the perfect Spärkel ginger ale, we recommend using the L3 or L4 carbonation level. But of course, if you like a more subtle or intense fizzy sensation, you can try other settings!

    L1: 60 secs - A quick & light fizz

    L2: 90 mins - Moderate bubbles. The usual level for most sparkling waters

    L3: 2 mins - Bold carbonation with sharp bubbles

    L4: 2.5 mins - Stronger & even bubblier infusions

    Max Level: 4 mins - The extra fizz needed for denser juices & cocktails

    With our unbeatable bubbly technology, you will be able to recreate any of your favorite carbonated drinks with your Spärkel. Take a look at our products for more information. 

    Next time you make yourself one of your favorite cocktails and you have to use carbonated water, think of Spärkel. Your carbonated cocktail will never taste the same.
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