Refreshing Mango Blueberries Sparkling Drink 🥭💛

Refreshing Mango Blueberries Sparkling Drink 🥭💛

🥭 1/4 of mango juice

🥭 1/4 cup of blueberries

🥭 5 ice cubes

🥭 Fridge-chilled water


This is a quick, tasty, and easy way to cut back on sugar without compromising taste. Mango and blueberries provide a colorful and flavorful taste for spring days, but feel free to swap this recipe’s ingredients for your favorite juice and fruits!

To Make

In your Spärkel bottle, add:

🥭 The mango juice, blueberries, ice cubes, and cold water until you reach the first fill line.

🥭 Choose your preferred carbonation level, and Spärkel! We recommend level 4.

🥭 In a glass, add ice and pour the Mango Blueberries drink water. Get ready to enjoy the delicious flavor without all of the sugar. Cheers!

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