Sparkling Chamomile Lemonade 🌼🍋💛

Sparkling Chamomile Lemonade 🌼🍋💛 

🌼 1 tbsp of dried chamomile

🌼 2 tbsps of fresh lemon juice

🌼 2 slices of lemons

🌼 1 tbsp of honey


Enjoy the flavors of a refreshing Chamomile sparkling lemonade infused with honey, perfect for embracing the first hints of spring. It’s fresh, herby, and delicious!✨

To Make

To make the chamomile infusion: 🌼 In a jar, place 1 tbsp of dried chamomile and 1 cup of boiling water. 🌼 Allow it to infuse for 5 minutes, then strain twice and let the preparation cool.

In your Spärkel bottle, 2 tbsps of fresh lemon juice, 2 slices of lemons, 1 tbsp of honey, the chamomile infusion, and cold water until you reach the first fill line. Choose your preferred carbonation level, and Spärkel! We recommend level 3. In a glass, add ice and pour the Spärkel water. Cheers!

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