Sparkling Raspberry Pomegranate drink 🌸✨❤️

Sparkling Raspberry Pomegranate drink 🌸✨❤️

- 1 cup chilled pomegranate juice

- 4 raspberries

- Lime or lemon slice, for the rim

- Shredded coconut, for the rim

- Cold Water


We swear: sparkling water has never looked or tasted this good! Sweet, perfectly balanced, and served with a coconut rim, this Sparkling Raspberry Pomegranate drink is the ultimate indulgent treat you can't miss! ✨

To Make

In your Spärkel bottle, combine pomegranate juice and 4 raspberries. Fill with cold water to the first fill line. Choose your preferred carbonation level. We recommend level 3 for some soft bubbles! To rim the glass: take a lime/lemon slice and rub its juice along the outer edge. Evenly coat the rim with shredded coconut - within a shallow dish. In the prepared glass, add ice and pour in the cocktail. Enjoy! Cheers!

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