Sparkling red sangria - Make homemade sparkling red sangria at home with Spärkel

Are you looking for a classic drink to make at your next dinner parties? Or something that is easy to make during one of your glorious summer weekends?  A delicious homemade sparkling red sangria might be the perfect drink for you, and it can be done easily with a Spärkel beverage system!

Ingredients needed for homemade sparkling red sangria

  1. 2 cups of red wine
  2. 1 orange slice, quartered
  3. 1/4 apple sliced
  4. 1 cinnamon sticks

Spärkel - The quick and simple way to make sparkling red sangria! 

Making sparkling sangria at home is often disappointing if you don’t have the right tool. Let the Spärkel beverage system change everything! No more simply adding sparkling water or soda to your ingredients: carbonate your red wine and fruits directly for deep and delicious natural flavors.

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How to make sparkling red wine sangria at home

This sparkling sangria is made with your favorite red wine, fresh fruit and a little sparkle!

Everything you need to make your own sparkling red sangria 

  1. Ice-filled glass;
  2. Your favorite red wine ;
  3. Wine glasses or any other glasses;
  4. Fresh pieces of fruit;

Steps to prepare your homemade red sangria using Spärkel’s beverage system 

  1. First step, add all your ingredients to your Spärkel;
  2. Second step, cover with wine and you can also top off with water or juice;
  3. Third, it is now time to bring the bubble and add a fizzy charm by carbonating on level 4 or 5; 
  4. Lastly, pour over ice and enjoy your sparkling sangria;

Don't be shy on fruits for natural flavors and for decorations. You can add some colorful fruits on top like fresh strawberries or a couple apples.


Can you sparkle any wine?

Contrary to some people’s belief, you can totally carbonate wine. Whether it's pinot grigio or pinot noir, you can definitely make sparkling wine with it. While it may not be recommended with other carbonated systems, Spärkel’s beverage system was basically designed for homemade sparkling wine. 

What type of red wine is good for sangria?

For red sangria, you want to choose a wine that has low tannins and is fruity. Why not begin in Spain, where sangria was first produced and where you can find some of the best red wines for your money?

Wines made from the grapes Garnacha (also known as Grenache) and Monastrell (also known as Mourvèdre) have a lot of ripe cherry and fruity flavor and are the perfect marriage for a sangria. Cheap Tempranillos are also a wonderful option because they frequently have more herbs and spice. Argentinian Malbec or Bonarda, which are frequently excellent values, are two possibilities outside of Spain that are suitable for sangria. 

Our recommendations also include cabernet sauvignon, merlot, Rioja, zinfandel, shiraz, tempranillo, or grenache. Essentially, any wine of choice will work, just keep in mind to always select a bottle that you would drink by itself. If you like sweeter drinks, think of using a sweet wine for your sparkling sangria. Pair with your favorite fruits, you will not be disappointed!

What about white sangria? 

For white sangria, choose a vivid, high-acid white, such as Vinho Verde from Portugal or dry Riesling from Germany, if you want a light and flavorful sangria with garnishes like herbs, cucumbers, citrus slices, or lime slices. 

Sparkling sangria 101

What is sangria?

Sangria is a type of mixed alcoholic punch from Spain. It is traditionally made with red wine and chopped fruit. But the color really depends on the wine you used, so white wine sangria recipe would contain white wine.  In fact Sangria recipes vary greatly depending on where you live and there are more and more different variations you can see, so ingredients vary. In addition to wine, traditional sangria can contain:

  • Fruit juice, more traditionally orange juice
  • Ingredients to Sweetening such as simple syrup, agave syrup or sugar
  • Sparkling water
  • Real fruit, such as oranges, fresh berries, and  pineapple, peaches, nectarines, apples, or pears and more
  • Flavored liqueurs, like orange liqueur, fruit schnaps, brandy, or cognac.

What is a sparkling sangria? 

Really simple. It is just a normal sangria, but carbonated. You can either carbonate your sangria yourself or you can also add some club soda water

H5: Sangria really is a beautiful wine cocktail for everyday moments, whether you want a glass of sangria for a romantic dinner, a party drink or simply a beverage for summer, this base wine and fruit base cocktail is the go-to cocktail of many people! 

Why is sangria great for parties? 

Sangria is just the right drink to make in big quantities. Making a pitcher for guests is just as easy as making one single drink. If you don't have time to cut a lot of fresh fruits, you can just go for frozen fruit like frozen berries, frozen grapes, which are a good match with red sangria. 

Fill your entire pitcher with ice, get a cold glass, pour your sparkling sangria and enjoy your beautiful drink! 

Add some Cinnamon Syrup for a little sweetness and a dash of brandy for some bitter notes. Quality brandy is always a top choice, but not a necessity!

Want to know some secret ingredients for a good sparkling sangria?

Here's some secret ingredients you can add in your sparkling sangria to add some extra flavor.

  1. Want a drink a bit more sweet? add a bit of sugar or other sugar substitute. You can also use a dessert wine which will definitely make your sparkling sangria deliciously sweet. 
  2. Looking for something with more citrusy notes, add a combination of oranges and some blood orange liqueur, and it will taste like a splash of summer ! 
  3. There's no such thing as an extra scoop of fruit. Combination of strawberries, green grapes or any extra fruit is always a good idea. Also, we all know the best part of a sangria is the wine-soaked fruit at the end! 
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