Strawberry-Melon & Blueberry Soda ūü•§‚ú®

Strawberry-Melon & Blueberry Soda ūü•§‚ú®

- 1 Strawberry Melon Fruit Infusion

- 1/4 cup of blueberries

- 5 ice cubes

- Fridge-chilled water


With a blend of natural ingredients, this is the perfect way to stay hydrated on the hot days. Say bye bye to store-bought drinks and hello to this simple, refreshing soda! Bonus: after carbonation, the blueberries will have an extra kick of flavor!

To Make

✨Place the blueberries, Strawberry Melon infusion tea bag, ice cubes, and cold water into your Spärkel bottle until you reach the first fill line.

✨ Choose your desired carbonation level, and Spärkel! For extra fizzy experience, we recommend setting it to level 4.

‚ú®In a glass, add ice and pour the Strawberry, Melon & Blueberry soda. Enjoy!

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