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Spärkel Beverage System

Designed for sparkling beverage fans, Spärkel allows you to easily sparkle and infuse the delicious tastes of real ingredients – into any drink – with no CO2 tank.

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free standard shipping within the continental United States and Canada.

30 day guarantee

we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all systems purchased on

amazing customer service

need help getting started? bubble trouble? have a questions about your order? our bubbly experts are here to help!

important info

Only Spärkel Carbonators can be used with Spärkel Systems. Using unapproved carbonator material will result in system deterioration and void the warranty.

Never use essential oils in your Spärkel.

  • no CO2 tank

  • 1000+ 5-star reviews

  • easy for you and the planet

  • bubbles in 90 seconds

make tasty drinks

the ingredients you want with the bubbles you crave. enjoy delicious sparkling beverages at home!

choose your ingredients


Fruit, herbs, tea, juice, cocktails, wine - whatever drink you're in the mood for, make it Spärkel! From crisp sparkling water to elaborate fizzy cocktails, control exactly what goes in your bubbly creations.

pro tip: trying to cut back on soda? Drinking sparkling water provides the same sensation as drinking a soda without the added calories, sugar, artificial colours and sweetener for healthier bubbles!

pick a bubbly level

light fizz or serious bubbles? get the perfect carbonation every time

L1: 1 min - A quick & light fizz

L2: 1.5 min - Moderate bubbles. The usual level for most sparkling waters

L3: 2 mins - Bold carbonation with sharp bubbles

L4: 2.5 mins - Stronger & even bubblier infusions

Max Level: 4 mins - The extra fizz needed for denser juices & cocktails

spritz and sip

bubbles galore

Press the top cap vent to open the bottle and enjoy your drink! Not only do the bubbles give a nice mouth-feel, but they also enhance the flavor of your ingredients.

Pro Tip: You can make and store your unopened Spärkel Bottles in the fridge for up to a week without losing carbonation. Making bottles ahead of time will help keep you and your family hydrated throughout the week!

carbonators come to you!

ditch the wasteful bottles and annoying tanks

Spärkel Carbonators come to you. No cases to carry. No tanks to exchange. Just hassle-free bubbles with the click of a button.

subscribe and save


tech specs

Height: 14.75" /37cm
Width: 5.75" / 15cm
Depth w/handle: 12" /30.5cm
Depth w/o handle 10" /2m
Weight: 9lb - 4.2kg

Electrical: 110V / 120V, Standard North American outlet

Bottle Size: 25.4 fl.oz / 750 ml
Dishwasher Safe Bottles: Yes

Cycle time: 90 sec (Level 1) - 4 min (Level 5)

what's included with the system?

Each system comes with 1 Spärkel Bottle (750ml/25.oz) and 10 Carbonators.

what's the difference between Spärkel and tank based systems?

Spärkel doesn't use CO2 tanks, has 5 bubbly levels to choose from and has the ability to carbonate more than just water!

can I make my own carbonators?

Only Spärkel Carbonators can be used with the Spärkel System. Using unapproved carbonator material will result in system deterioration, safety risks, and void the One Year Warranty.

Spärkel Carbonators may seem basic, but they are more intricate than they look. Each Spärkel Carbonator contains the specific volume and concentration of each ingredient need to generate enough CO2 for one bottle.

Store-bought ingredients will most likely have a different granularity and seep into the system. See why here.

does the carbonator go into my drink?

None of the Carbonator will end up in your drink, only the CO2 it creates.

how many carbonators do I need to make a bottle?

One Carbonator makes one Spärkel Bottle bottle, no matter what level you choose.

what are your return and cancellation policies?

We back our bubbles! If our products do not meet your satisfaction for any reason, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all Spärkel Systems purchased on

We process orders quickly, but if you need to cancel or change and existing order, email our support team at and we will do our best to accommodate before your order ships. We can usually accept such requests within an hour from the time of purchase.

  • add water to back reservoir

  • add ingredients to bottle

  • pour carbonator

  • place bottle in system

  • choose level & press start

  • spritz & enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 277 reviews
Marie B.
Je recommande !

J'aime vraiment mon nouveau système Sparkel! Il fait d'excellent drinks et c'est très facile d'utilisation! la livraison a été super rapide également !

natasha w.
Bought as a gift

Bought the Sparkel for my son for Christmas and he absolutely loves it! so far he's used it to add fizz to herbal drink mixes. I find most herbal drink pretty horrible but the sparkel made them taste fantastic! it's so quick and easy to use.

Jacqui J.
Love this !

This has been a great purchase so far. I love the versatility and the recipes on the website have been very pleasant. Retains the effervescence for a few days so I'm not rushed to drink it Highly recommend

Alyse B.
Love this

Super easy and convenient

Niki R.

Love the no tank system. Eco friendly

Bottom seal on carbonator

It seems to leak quite often. I tried to tighten it more, tighten it less, carbonate to level 2 but still having a problem. What should I do?

Excellent customer service

I love my Sparkel; having this definitely makes me drink more water. I infuse fruits, herbs or just make green tea, fruit tea, etc and bubble it up. The customer service is absolutely amazing!